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Find confidence in the Sydney mortgage brokers that care. We compare features, fees and rates from over [x] lenders and to match the best loan product for your financial goals, whether you want to buy, invest or refinance.


The Chess Lending team are masters of figuring out your best lending move. With our years of experience, superior and up-to-date market knowledge, and careful weighing up of the available options, we let you skip the uncertainty when it comes to deciding the best loan to suit your needs. 

Put simply, we’re the middlemen you can actually trust. Whatever your real estate goals – whether you’re consolidating your finances towards retirement, buying your first home, financing a private asset, or taking out a honeymoon loan – we’ll advocate for your best interests, calculate your borrowing power and make the big, high-stakes decisions clear-cut and regret-free.

From the first call to the final purchase and beyond, we’re here for you. 

What’s more, we’re a pretty easy-going and friendly bunch! Get in touch, and we’ll be more than happy to help.   

Mission Statement

“The Chess Lending team proudly dedicates itself every day to helping our clients achieve their financial goals through the best possible borrowing solutions. The mediators you can trust, we listen closely and work efficiently, drawing on our expert insights to make big decisions simple. From start to finish, you’ll find peace of mind in the knowledge that you have saved on stress, time and money.”

Daniel Nehme


Whether it be the dream of owning your own home or buying that brand new set of wheels, The Chess Lending team is committed to providing the right finance options.

Daniel Nehme

Daniel is our Director at Chess Lending, what gets him motivated in the morning - meeting new people, learning their businesses and sourcing innovative non-traditional lending options via investors and other sources of private funding. "This is an exciting space - helping entrepreneurs to see their ideas come to life, assisting project developers, home buyers... helping small businesses grow."

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